Rev. Howard Thornton

Team Rector

Eamonn Reil

Rector's Warden

Charles Riley

Rector's Warden Emeritus

Janice Price

People's Warden

Brenda Mackie


Natalie Fedrau

Envelope Secretary

Cathy De Geer

Parish Council

Jane Russell

Parish Council

Melissa Wilson

Parish Council

Heather Jordan

Music Director

Deborah Cameron

Parish Administrator


Official Greeter, Assistant to Administrator & General Dogsbody

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We asked people: What is so special about St. George-in-the-Pines? And they said fellowship. St. George's has been welcoming people, making them feel at home for over 125 years. Fellowship is taking an interest in people, showing hospitality, and demonstrating that we are all brothers and sisters in Christ. 


What binds us together at St. George's is something far deeper than taste, style or even family. It is the overwhelming reality of the grace of God revealed in Jesus Christ. Our vision is to be a community that loves God and loves our neighbour as much as we love ourselves. 


We live in a place of outstanding beauty, and we would like that beauty to be reflected in our lives and the way we share life with people everywhere. We are happy to welcome those who are visiting Banff and the Bow Valley and just as happy to welcome those who live here and want to feel more at home here. 


We would love to welcome you and help you to get better connected with the community.