Leave a legacy

Creating a lasting impact is important to many of our congregation members, who often choose to include a gift for St. George's in their wills. These contributions have been instrumental in funding numerous transformative projects over the years.

Tax Relief

Leaving a gift to St. George's in your will can provide tax benefits. By doing so, you may reduce the inheritance tax on your estate, ultimately maximizing the amount available to your loved ones. For detailed information on the tax relief associated with charitable giving in your will, you can visit the government's website here.

Already have a will?

If you already have a will and would like to include St George in the Pines, all you have to do is contact your will provider with our formal name, address and charity number (see below):

St George in the Pines Anglican Church - Banff

St George in the Pines Anglican Church
100 Beaver Street
Banff, Alberta
T1L 1A4

Charity number: 108018904RR0001

Additionally, if you are leaving a gift in your will to St George in the Pines and would like to speak to someone about it, please contact info@stgeorgesinthepines.com