Alpha at St George's

Life is filled with countless opportunities for growth and discovery.

Whether you're delving into a new skill, exploring fresh interests, or embracing alternative perspectives, trying something different can lead to positive outcomes. Why not embark on the Alpha journey?

Alpha dives into various aspects of Christianity and explores how faith manifests in diverse lives. In this inclusive space, open conversations thrive, welcoming thoughts from people of all backgrounds and beliefs. Each person contributes a unique perspective, enriching the collective dialogue.

At Alpha, we believe in fostering the best conversations where everyone's thoughts are valued. Our goal is to create an open environment where individuals can explore what faith means to them. Your journey is entirely on your terms.

Alpha provides a secure haven, empowering you to decide whether to engage, step back, share your thoughts, or simply listen. We extend a warm invitation, hoping to see you as part of our inclusive community.

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Bring Your Questions to Alpha!

Alpha is a fun and relaxed way to explore Christian faith through ten sessions, with an optional day or weekend away.

No pressure, just an opportunity to ask questions and enjoy the journey.




How does it work?

During each session, you'll get to enjoy some good food (in person), a brief talk, and a discussion at the end where you can freely share your thoughts.

Worried about not liking it? No stress! If you decide Alpha isn't your thing at any point, it's totally okay. No pressure, no follow-up, and no charge. Your comfort is our priority.

After you've completed the form, keep an eye on your inbox for a confirmation email. 

Any questions? Feel free to reach out to us at We can't wait to welcome you to Alpha soon!