Psalm 73:1-3, 12-28; John 20:19-31
We Bring Our Doubt To Jesus

Is doubt something to be ashamed of? Does having doubts make us inadequate Christians?

Many of us grapple with these questions. But what if doubt is not the enemy of faith but rather a natural part of our journey?

In this sermon, we'll delve into the reality that doubt is a common experience for believers. We'll explore how denying our doubts only hinders our spiritual growth. Instead, we'll learn the importance of acknowledging and honestly confronting our doubts.

But how do we bring our doubts to Jesus? How do we find the courage to lay them before Him? Together, we'll discover how to navigate doubt in a way that strengthens our relationship with Christ.

Join us as we explore the nature of doubt and learn how to handle it as followers of Jesus in today's world.