Jeremiah 31:31-34
Novus: The Promise of Hope

Join us for the concluding sermon in our "Faith Foundation" Lenten series: "Novus: The Promise of Hope."

This Sunday, Rev. Seth explores the prophecy to Jeremiah, unveiling the promise of a new covenant where God's law is inscribed upon our hearts, bringing about a profound intimacy between God and His people. The story of scripture has been about God's yearning for us to grasp His heart, to unite our hearts with His. Yet, we've settled for mere adherence to rules, striving tirelessly to fulfill commandments as a means to placate God. However, God's desire transcends legalistic adherence; He longs for the deep, trusting relationship we once shared in Eden.

Jesus's arrival signifies the fulfillment of this longing. He came not to abolish the law but to fulfill it, offering Himself on the cross to reconcile us with God. Through His sacrifice, a pathway to restored trust and intimacy is opened. The choice now rests with us: will we persist in shallow rule-following, which only leads to further estrangement, or will we rediscover the profound trust in Jesus, our Savior and King?

Join us as we reflect on this pivotal message of hope and renewal, embracing the promise of a new covenant and the invitation to intimate relationship with our Creator. Don't miss this opportunity to rekindle your trust in Jesus and journey towards a deeper connection with God.

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