Genesis 17:1-16
Abrahamic: The Promise of a Future

Join us for the second sermon in our "Faith Foundation" Lenten series: "Abrahamic: The Promise of a Future."

This Sunday, Rev. Seth delves into the covenant of circumcision that God made with Abraham. Through this ancient pact, God met Abraham at the very place where doubt and fear resided in his heart, offering a promise of a future beyond imagination.

In Jesus Christ, God fulfills this promise, unveiling a future far greater than anything Abraham or any of us could conceive on our own. Unlike the covenant of flesh, Jesus asks nothing of us except trust – trust in the One who sacrificed His body on the cross. Through Him, our futures are securely anchored in love.

No matter the trials we face, Jesus walks alongside us, using our sufferings to mold us into joyful witnesses of His transformative power. Together, we journey from death to new life, secure in the unwavering love of our Savior. Don't miss the opportunity to explore the boundless hope found in Christ. 

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