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Good Day Friends,

It is with great love for Rev. Howard that we can announce his retirement from leading St George's in Banff and St Michael's in Canmore. Rev. Howard submitted his retirement papers to Archbishop Gregory with a starting date of September 1 st 2023. We wish him all the very best and pray that God has many new adventures in store for him along this journey we call life.

Since Rev Howard and Rev Seth are sharing two part time positions which created the work of one full time position, we needed to decide if we were to replace Rev. Howard with another part time position, or to hire on one priest into a full-time position. We, the wardens here at
St. George’s, spoke with Rev. Seth concerning this matter and after prayers and consultation with the diocese have decided to offer Rev. Seth a full-time position.

It is with great joy that I can announce that Rev. Seth has accepted our offer to be St. George’s incumbent and will begin this full-time work on Sept 1 st , 2023.

St. George’s is very thankful for having Rev. Seth here in Banff and look forward to seeing his growth as our spiritual leader.

Blessings to all

Bill Pringle
Incumbent Warden for St. George in the Pines Anglican Church - Banff