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What are you passionate about?

Maybe you’re really into the outdoors life and think about it all the time. Or maybe you love reading and surround yourself with books. It could be conversations, collecting something, shopping, or even appearing a certain way.

Or your passion could be focused on living like Jesus, loving God, and loving others.

Jesus said this:

"For where your treasure is, there your heart will be also." Luke 12:34

This simple little sentence is a giant challenge. Jesus is saying, “what you value the most is what will get your best attention, your energy, and your love.” Jesus isn’t telling you to stop loving the outdoors or books or whatever. He isn’t necessarily saying those things are wrong and destructive. But he is challenging you to think about your priorities: do you love that thing more than you love him?

Take a moment and talk with God. Start by thanking God for making us people who can experience passion. Then be honest with yourself and with God about the thing or things you’re most passionate about. Prayerfully consider where those things stand on your priority list of love, in comparison to your desire to live like Jesus