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We are a couple of days away from the day that the Church was born.  Pentecost is long considered the day that the birthday of the Church, because it is the day when we celebrate the Holy Spirit being poured out by God to all people.  The Power of the person of the Holy Spirit (part of that mysterious force known as the Trinity) was and is, at work in the lives of millions and millions of people through out the world.  It began in the upper room when something amazing happened.  They were indoors but they felt and heard the sound of a mighty wind blowing.  They were inside and yet tongues of fire appeared and rested above each person gathered there.  And they were baptised in the Holy Spirit and they bagan to speak in other langueages as the Spirit of God enabled them.  

The power of the Holy Spirit is like dynamight.  It is so powerful that within the space of just a few weeks the Church exploded onto the world stage, one person at a time.  On that first Pentecost morning about 3,000 people were Baptised in and by the Holy Spirit.  And awe came upon everone because many signs and wonders were being done by the apostles.

That same Holy Spirit is alive and powerful today. Join our St George community this Sunday at 10am as we welcome the gift of the Holy Spirit at the baptism of Maria Andrea Enriquez (little Mae!), and a standing reception to follow right after service.
See you Sunday as we celebrate the Birth of the Church and welcome a new member of the family of Jesus!