At St. George's, we're proud members of the Anglican Communion, a global family of over 77 million people. Our journey traces back to the English Reformation, yet our roots run deep into the early Church, creating a beautiful blend of Christian traditions. Within Anglicanism, we embrace Evangelical, Charismatic, and Catholic elements, striving to keep these diverse streams in a harmonious balance for a vibrant faith experience.

Anglicans are evangelical

As Evangelicals, Anglicans hold dear the Scriptures as essential for our faith and life. Within these sacred texts, we discover not just truths to guide us but the very essence of Jesus Christ. We believe His sacrifice on the cross offers transformation for all, inspiring us to share this incredible message through both our words and actions.

Anglicans are charismatic

As Charismatics, Anglicans see the Holy Spirit's ongoing work in the Church's history, equipping present-day believers with gifts to strengthen our community and reach out to those seeking faith. Jesus assured us of the Spirit's coming after His Ascension, and we embrace that promise, striving to surrender our lives fully to His empowering and guiding presence.

Anglicans are catholic

As catholic Christians, Anglicans deeply value the sacramental life within the Church. We honor the Church's history beyond the Reformation and cherish aspects of Roman Catholicism that align with Scripture. In our worship and practices, we hold dear the teachings of the Apostles and early Church Fathers. Our journey in faith connects us to those who came before us and those who will follow, inspiring us to celebrate Gospel truths in ways that resonate with our modern world.

Anglican History

During the Reformation, the founders of the Anglican Church were passionate about making the Scriptures accessible to everyone, ministering in languages people understood, and creating a unified worship style through common liturgy. This heritage gifts us a tradition deeply rooted in the Gospel and Scripture. Anglican beliefs are outlined in the 39 Articles of Religion, while our spirituality shines through in the Book of Common Prayer. Here at St. George's, we embrace versions of the Book of Common Prayer, as do Anglican congregations worldwide, enriching our worship experiences.

Book of Common Prayer 39 Articles of Religion
Anglican distinctives

Across the tapestry of Christianity, various churches weave their unique expressions. Anglicanism, part of this rich tradition, stands out in four core facets defined by the Chicago-Lambeth Quadrilateral: the Nicene Creed, the Word of God, two sacraments of Baptism & Holy Communion, and the historic Episcopate. At St. George's, we embrace this legacy while staying true to the orthodox Christian faith, welcoming all to journey with us in this vibrant tradition.

The Chicago-Lambeth Quadrilateral