Keeping you connected with the

St George community, wherever you are.


Whether you have been part of the church family since the beginning or are just joining us now, we are so pleased that you are here. 

We believe that church is more than Sunday so we’re exploring and experimenting with new ways to connect midweek as we seek to encourage, support and pray for one another. 


No pressure, no charge, no follow up

Take a break from scrolling and try Alpha, a series of interactive sessions that freely explore the basics of the Christian faith.

Alpha runs for 11 weeks but there is no follow up, so you can try it once or come every week the choice is yours.


Prayer is central to all that we do here at St George's. Throughout history, situations and circumstances have changed when ordinary men and women have found their voice in prayer.


We really want to support and encourage each other at this time, whether that's practically or through prayer.


We’re aware that there are many within the congregation and local community who are currently in isolation and in need of support. If you would like any assistance please let us know. Alternatively if you are able to offer help we would love to hear from you too.