Everything you need to know about planning your wedding service starts here. At St. George's the wedding service is found in the Book of Alternative Services. 


There are lots of ways however to personalise your wedding that will make the service uniquely yours. You may choose:


  • Who will be in the wedding party processional and in which order they will enter the church

  • Whether you'd like to hire a musician or use recorded music throughout the service

  • If and which hymns you'd like sung during the service

  • Which Bible readings you'd like to be read

  • Any other readings or poems

  • Which of your family or friends will do the readings 

  • Special prayer requests


A wedding in the Anglican Church always includes at least one Bible reading. though you may also include other readings and poems that have significance to you. Here you will find a selection of passages from the Bible that are suited to a wedding ceremony.







Love, actually!

The Lord's My Shepherd

A poem between two lovers pt.1

A poem between two lovers pt.2

How to love

Getting the perfect relationship

Seeing the good side...

What happens when Jesus attends a wedding reception

Jesus teaches about marriage and welcomes children pt.1

Jesus teaches about marriage and welcomes children pt.2

Jesus teaches how to live a life that brings true happiness

God creates women and men to look after the Earth

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There are many different versions of the Bible, some using more modern language and others traditional. You will have the opportunity to discuss which passages and which language style feels most important to you when you meet with your wedding officiant.  

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