When considering your wedding music, these are the parts of the ceremony that are well-suited to musical interludes. You may also choose to include some hymns during the service.


Whether you choose to hire the services of a musician or use pre-recorded music, we are happy to work with you to create the right ambience for your ceremony. 




The music played for 10-15 minutes before the start of the ceremony.




The music played to accompany the entrance of members of the wedding party. Depending on the size of the party this can take anywhere from two to five minutes. You may wish to select a different piece of music for the entrance of the bride. 


Signing of the Register


The music played during the signing of the register. This part of the ceremony typically takes three to five minutes. 




This is an optional part of the ceremony, but if you do choose to take communion this is another opportunity for music. 



The music played as the couple walk down the aisle together for the first time as newlyweds. The wedding party and immediate family will typically follow, with the rest of the guests after them. Allow five to seven minutes. 

Wedding Hymns

There are often two or three hymns sung during a wedding service. The first is near to the beginning and helps everyone feel they are together for a special purpose. 


The last hymn comes before the final blessing, and reflects a mood of celebration and joy. Another hymn is sometimes included whilst the register is being signed, or just after.


If you select hymns that may be familiar to your guests and easy to sing, it will encourage everyone to join in. To help you get started, here are some well-loved church wedding hymns.



All Things Bright and Beautiful (version 1)

All Things Bright and Beautiful (version 2)

Amazing Grace

As Man and Woman We Were Made

Be Still for the Presence of The Lord

Come to a Wedding

For the Beauty of the Earth

Great is Thy Faithfulness

Give Me Joy In My Heart

Lead Us Heavenly Father

Lord of the Dance

Love Divine All Loves Excelling

Make Me a Channel of Your Peace

Morning Has Broken

One More Step Along the World I Go

O Praise Ye The Lord!

O Worship the King

Praise My Soul The King of Heaven

Praise to the Lord, The Almighty

Tell Out My Soul

The Lord's My Shepherd

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Recommended Musicians

Heather Jordan



Ensemble Cascade


Debra Nyack


John Goulart


Andrew Ibanez


Daniel Siqueiros


William Cunningham


Jan Tissandier


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Ringing of the Bells

Weddings at St. George's are not complete without the rejoicing sound of the bells. Since their installation in 1926 it has been tradition to send new couples on their way with the ringing of the eleven Taylor Peel bells. This aspect of the service is included in the wedding fee, and the bells will be rung by one of the talented St. George's carillioneurs.