Since 1889 the parish of St. George-in-the-Pines has welcomed local people and visitors from around the world, and we extend a very warm welcome to you! 


May God bless your time in Banff, and may it be a time of wonder, relaxation and renewal. St. George's church is an historically significant place and remains an active part of Banff's community and culture. It is one of ten Historic Sites in Banff; built at the time of the Banff Springs Hotel, Cave and Basin and Banff Park Museum. St. George's is a cornerstone of this mountain community.


The first Anglican service in Banff took place in 1887, in the log cabin on Bear Street that was the National Park headquarters. By 1889 the first cornerstone of the building in it's current location was established, and the parish erected a tent on the site to hold worship as construction began. 


Clergy in the early years of St. George's also led evening service at the Banff Springs Hotel and the Sanitarium during summer months. Year-round clergy also ministered to Anglicans living in Bankheard, the coal mining town nearby on the side of Cascade Mountain. 


The Bishop of Calgary, the Right Reverend William Pinkham consecrated St. George's in June 1920, 31 years after the laying of the first cornerstone. The longest serving priest was Canon Tully Montgomery, who became rector in 1924 and with his wife Ruth served the parish for 30 years. St. George's church played a significant role in the development and shaping of Banff's community. As a place of faith, prayer, a focus for caring and fellowship, St. George-in-the-Pines offers a welcoming retreat and a place of joy and giving. 


Over the years, parishioners of St. George's have taken on many projects together, from building the church nave, to adding on the bell tower at the beginning of the 20th century and the attached community hall in the 1950s, to the recent project to gain municipal recognition and designation as an historically significant site.


Come visit us the next time you're in Banff. We'd love to show you around!