We’re so pleased you are seeking Baptism for yourself or your child! At St George's we understand Baptism to be a significant Christian commitment.

Baptism is your promise, supported by your family, friends and the entire congregation, based on your faith and membership in the church, to raise your child to be a faithful follower of Jesus Christ or to be a faithful follower yourself. It is introducing your child to God’s love and care from the very beginning of his or her life.

Choosing to have your child baptized comes from the wonderful parental instinct to want the best for your child. We’re committed to helping you prepare for Baptism so that it’s a meaningful experience and the beginning of a life-long relationship with Jesus Christ.
Preparing for Baptism:
Like any journey of great significance, the road to baptism takes time. Baptisms at St George's take place during the Christian season of Pentecost. For the upcoming year, Pentecost begins on Sunday June 5, 2022

Step 1, Start the Conversation.

A great first step is to book an appointment to meet with Seth Enriquez, Associate Priest, at to have a conversation about Baptism. He's looking forward to speaking with you.

Step 2, Find a Rhythm of Worship.
Joining our church community for weekly worship will give you a clearer sense of whether you would like to be a part of the church family, as well as strengthen and encourage your own faith, and help equip you to teach your child about following Jesus. You can watch our services on YouTube to see if we are the right fit for you. Our experience (and expectation), is that worshipping with us regularly helps form a solid basis for the promises you will make at Baptism. 


Step 3, Explore Faith.

We want you to be confident about the promises you make at baptism. With this in mind, Baptism preparation at St George-in-the-Pines involves participation in our faith basics Alpha Course. It is a fun and relaxed 7-week course where all questions are allowed, you can’t fail, and you can’t get kicked out! You can find out more about the course, when it’s next offered, and register, here. Please contact Brit Enriquez at for more information.